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SB F19-19

Lobby Day

SB F19-18

ASBARCSS Spring SLADE Conference

SB F19-17

4th Annual Keeping the Dream Alive Conference

SB F19-16

Parliamentarian Parking Permit Fall 2019

SB F19-15

ARC Model United Nations Funding

SB F19-14

ASB Warming Your Winter

SB F19-13

ASBARC Transportation

SB F19-12

ARC Achieve Silent Disco

SB F19-11

ASBARC Business Cards

SB F19-10

2019 Circle of Change Conference

SB F19-09

Winter Essentials for Students

SB F19-08

Student Giveaways F19

SB F19-07

Plastic Display Holders

SB F19-06

Purchase of Items for SLADE Conference

SB F19-05


SB F19-04

ASBARC Regalia

SB F19-03

ASCARCSS Desktop Color Printer

SB F19-02

Parliamentarian Consulting and Training

SB F19-01

ASBARCSS Training With Lunch


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